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Super Sailmakers is the only loft we've found that specializes in sails for smaller boats... and they've been at it for more than 30 years! They've built their reputation on sails that many of the "big name" lofts won't make.

These are premium, hand-made loft sails, not off-the-shelf generics. In virtually every case they will be far superior to the sails that originally came with the boat.

While sail design, dimensions, and construction techniques vary from boat to boat, take a look at some of the components Super Sailmakers uses to build small boat sails.

Superior sails from people who know small boats
  • First-quality Dacron sailcloth
  • Proven hardware and components
  • Computer-designed and cut panels
  • Assembled by experienced craftsmen
  • Rugged corner patches ensure long-term durability and years of enjoyment
  • Three-step seaming joins sail panels with UV-resistant thread
  • Internal bolt-rope on main sails adds strong luff reinforcement, with hand-fastened slides or slugs standard on many sails
  • Tell-tale wind indicators standard on all jibs
  • Materials and workmanship are fully warranted for one year

Prices below are for basic sails without options.

Sails for Oday 22 by Super Sailmakers based on IJPE of 27.3'/ 9' / 24.5 ' / 8.4' and LOA of 22

Sail Price Options available Continue
Mainsail Starting at $741 Cloth weight, reef points, sail numbers, cunningham, loose foot, full battens Estimate
Furling Headsail, 100% Starting at $716 UV Dacron sunshield, luff flattener, sail numbers, sizes 100% to 155%, cloth weight Estimate
Headsail w/hanks, 100% Starting at $802 Sail numbers, sizes 100% to 155%, cloth weight Estimate

Sail drawings are representative of typical Doyle Durasails; your design and fittings may vary.

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