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We now offer more than 800 sails for smaller boats that you can order with one click. No measuring, no hassle. These are top quality, custom sails that will likely outlast your originals!

Each sail is made from high-quality Dacron cloth manufactured by Challenge Sailcloth. Challenge is the only one of the top three U.S. sailcloth makers to process all its woven sailcloth in the U.S.

Construction receives the same careful attention to detail. Every seam is glued and double- or three-step seamed with durable, ultraviolet resistant thread to maximize the sail's long-term durability. Corners are reinforced with multiple layers of fabric in broad squares to amplify the sail's stretch resistance and durability at the points of maximum load, and embedded corner rings or grommets provide strong attachment points for the spars.

Our experienced craftsmen attach the hardware to the sail by hand as they have for more than fifteen years, to ensure maximum durability, performance, and enjoyment.

These are not sails from some loft that would rather outfit 50-footers! They're designed and built for smaller boats from beginning to end, providing you with a better sail, and better service, than many local lofts can provide.
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