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Dripless Shaft Seal

Hailed as the best way to a dry bilge!

The PSS Shaft Seal (stands for Packless Sealing System) is a maintenance-free, 100% dry stuffing box and packing gland replacement for your sailboat or powerboat. Its dripless operation eliminates needless bilge pumping and wet bilges! The PSS is maintenance-free; no more packing and repacking. And costs are reduced because it eliminates shaft wear and minimizes corrosion. For a boat owner, the news couldn't get much better!

How The PSS Mechanical Shaft Seal Works

A mechanical seal is created by the contact of a turning surface against a stationary surface. The PSS Shaft Seal's stationary surface is a carbon flange held in contact with a stainless steel rotor that turns with the shaft. The carbon flange is attached to the boat by a nitrile bellow which, with the help of water pressure, produces a constant contact between the carbon and the stainless steel ring. This seal is unaffected by engine motion or vibrations. The result is a 100% watertight and totally maintenance-free seal.

What do I need to know to order

All you need to know is the diameter of your shaft and the outside diameter of your stern tube. You can use calipers to measure both, or if they are not large enough simply use a string. Wrap it around the tube, lay it out and measure the straight length and divide by pi (3.14). This will give you your diameter.

Select the proper dimensions below. The Shaft Seal ships with detailed installation instructions, or view them online.
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