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Winch Covers

High quality winch covers at great prices!

When you stop to think about it, a winch may be the most complex piece of mechanical gear on your boat. Not to mention one of the most expensive. It only makes sense to cover them when not in use.

Our winch covers are made from Sunbrella fabric; specifically, the grade with the very best UV/element resistance. Plus, they include an inner fastener cuff that fits snuggly over the winch (like a shower cap) to hold the cover will stand up to high winds.

Just say no to vinyl covers

Instead of a vinyl binding to cover the bottom edges (which cracks and discolors within a couple of years), we use carefully hemmed bottoms, providing longer life and better looks.

Add a line split winch cover with genuine leather binding

If you have winches that you leave lines on, even when docked, our covers with line splits are the perfect solution. A vertical opening up one side allows line access to the winch but still provides complete protection with no bunching. There is a strap with a snap at the bottom of the opening so the cover stays neatly around the winch. Gray leather binding handles chafe... and looks great, too!

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