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Headsails by Doyle Sailmakers

Select headsail options for your Oday DOLPHIN

Specs, rig, hardware, and other factors are not the same from boat to boat, even boats of the same year and model. To ensure your sail fits properly we will ask you to take some simple measurements on your boat. Illustrated instructions will be sent to you after purchase.

Please enter your boat's model year

1. Sail type
2. Select a sail size (percent of foretriangle)
3. Select a sail cloth

Please select the weight of your Dacron sail cloth. The following guidelines are for normal sailing conditions (winds to 25 knots with higher gusts). If you commonly sail in stronger winds upgrade by one weight.

Boat length Cloth weight Select
less than 26 ft 5-6 oz*
26 to 33 ft 6-7 oz
33 to 40 ft 7-8 oz
40 to 49 ft 8-9 oz
49 to 56 ft 9-10 oz
4. Select options
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Acrylic Sunshield
COLOR NOTE: Standard sunshield is white UV-resistant Dacron. Sunbrella is available at no additional charge.
Luff Flattener
Draft Stripes
Draft Stripe Color
Telltale Window
Sail numbers Numbers to apply:

Choose a color

Leaves warehouse: 70 business days

Shipping time: see chart

Made to order: Yes - Please read return policies


A strip of UV-resistant fabric that protects furled sails from UV damage. ×

Luff Flattener

Stiffens the leech and provides better sail shape when reefed. ×

Draft Stripes

Thin horizontal stripes that make it easier to read the shape of the sail. ×

Telltale Window

A small, clear acrylic window in the sail that provides some visibility when the headsail is blocking the view of the helmsman. ×

Sail Numbers

Sail numbers may be designated by the boat manufacturer, class association, or lcoal race committee. Usually of interest only to racers. When ordering, please specify the only the characters you wish on the sail. We will automatically double the order so it can be applied to each side. ×