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Mainsails by Doyle Sailmakers

Select mainsail options for your Oday DOLPHIN

Specs, rig, hardware, and other factors are not the same from boat to boat, even boats of the same year and model. To ensure your sail fits properly we will ask you to take some simple measurements on your boat. Illustrated instructions will be sent to you after purchase.

Please enter your boat's model year

1. Sail type
2. Select a sail cloth
Please select the weight of your Dacron sail cloth. The following guidelines are for normal sailing conditions (winds to 25 knots with higher gusts). If you commonly sail in stronger winds upgrade by one weight.

Boat length Cloth weight Select
less than 26 ft 5-6 oz*
26 to 33 ft 6-7 oz
33 to 40 ft 7-8 oz
40 to 49 ft 8-9 oz
49 to 56 ft 9-10 oz
3. Add options
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Internal Clew Block
Clew Sun Cover Included
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Reef Points

Allows sail to be shortened in high winds. Two reef points are ecommended for boats longer than 26 feet. ×


A control that adjusts the position of the sail's draft by changing the tension on the sail's luff. Recommended for racing or precise sail control. ×

Sail Foot

A loose foot provides better sail shape and control. A standard foot in which the sails is attached to the boom is more common in the US. ×

Full Battens

Battens are rigid dowels that are inserted into horizontal pockets sewn onto the sail. Full battens run the entire length of the sail to improve sail shape and durability. For improved performance add two full battens to the top of the sail. Note: full battens may make your mainsail more difficult to raise, lower, and flake on the boom. ×

Sail Numbers

Sail numbers may be designated by the boat manufacturer, class association, or lcoal race committee. Usually of interest only to racers. When ordering, please specify the only the characters you wish on the sail. We will automatically double the order so it can be applied to each side. ×

Builder's Insignia

Some manufacturers have a logo they apply to their original sails. We can provide these in most cases however the color scheme may not be identical to what you have. If you select insignias we will automatically include two, one for each side. ×

Internal Clew Block

Integrates the block into the sail, allowing full use of the boom and providing greater sail area. ×

Clew Sun Cover

A UV-resistant material that protects the clew from sun damage when the sail is furled. ×