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Running Rigging Calculator

If you know which boat you sail, you can order sheets and halyards to fit -- in about 2 minutes!

Don't know your sheets and halyards specs? We do!

Need new sheets or halyards but don't know the specs? Our running rigging calculator can instantly spec lines for more than 5,000 sailboats.

Just select your boat below and you're a couple clicks away from new, top quality rigging. We've reduced the choices to a minimum to make ordering as simple as possible. (If you prefer more choices, please see our Running Rigging Builder.)

Brand-name line at affordable prices

We reviewed products from several manufacturers and many price points before settling on Samson XLS3. Its priced well below high tech racing lines but offers many of their features: low weight, high strength, and minimal stretch. We found it easier to handle than New England Sta-Set X but equally good, if not better, for halyard applications. It also feels good in your hand, making it a fine choice for sheets, too.

What the calculator doesn't do

The calculator may not recommend the lines specified in your owners manual... it specs the lines best for your boat. You see, boat builders don't want to inventory a warehouse full lines in all sizes and colors, so they'll often outfit your boat with what they have on hand. By replacing that with properly sized lines you may reduce weight aloft for better performance, and reduce the cost. However, the calculator does not know your boat's sheave and cleat sizes. They are usually sized to accommodate a wide range of lines so this isn't a problem, but if in doubt please verify the fit. Please note: Returning custom-made rigging will incur a 35% stocking fee.

Does your boat have wire-to-rope halyards? This calculator specifies only all-rope halyards. Go to wire-to-rope halyards.

1-2-3 Done

So select your boat, choose a color, decide if you want a shackle spliced on, and you're done. We've never found an easier way to order running rigging.

As always, please contact us with any questions.

If you have a furling mast, give us a call.

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